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Goolwa A Natural Holiday Destination


Interacting with nature, away from the technological gadgets which dominate our twenty first century lives, is more important than ever. Goolwa offers a peaceful alternative from the whizz bang of our cities. Walking by the gently lapping Murray River watching the water birds arc and gambol can soothe a frayed nervous system. Sailing or paddling down that same river transports one away from the stresses of urban life. Enjoying children at play on bikes and scooters as they traverse the cycleway at Goolwa is a real pleasure.

Fresh air and a slower pace of life works wonders on troubled souls. Eating simple food and hanging out with family can be a healing retreat from life’s worries. Holidays do not need to be wall to wall entertainment, they can be time at the beach, a stroll through a village market and a quiet drink in the local pub. Goolwa offers all this and much more. There are wetlands for bird watching and coastal whale watching in season. Surfing is very big in Goolwa and a great way to commune with nature.

Fishing is a timeless occupation for the patient person, casting a line out into a peaceful river and waiting for that gentle tug on the line. Personally I never catch anything myself but it is a meditative practice; apart from when your line becomes tangled. Goolwa has lots of jetties and the Hindmarsh Bridge. The Goolwa wharf sees paddlesteamers offering river tours.

Goolwa has a steam train tooting its way down the track. History abounds in the old buildings dotted all around the township. Museums and art galleries are a portal into the places cultural identity, then and now. There is good food in Goolwa, especially at the Farm Shop in Cadell Street. Goolwa find can point you in the right direction.

For a relaxed lifestyle or a natural holiday check out Goolwa.