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Solar Power Producing Despite Abbott

Peter Hartcher, international editor for the Sydney Morning Herald, has reported that roof top solar power installations in Queensland and South Australia have on occasion produced so much power that the wholesale price of electricity has fallen below zero. Alternative energy, the conservative’s favourite whipping industry, is getting the job done despite hindrance and negativity from the Abbott Government’s environmental policies. Economist Ross Garnaut was quoted as saying: “If South Australia were a country it would have more wind and solar than any country on earth.”

It is very rare to read positive reports about alternative energy in the mainstream press, Fairfax is to be applauded for commissioning this article. The article goes on to portray Australia, under Abbott, as the last environmental laggard in the world; with even Saudia Arabia preparing for an alternative energy future. The conservative press, led in this country by News Corp, continuely criticise alternative energy and play the anti-Greens card, appealing to the lowest common denominator within the Australian community. However, the truth is that selfish, short sighted, slobs are not going to save the world.

Australian power company AGL has declared it will decarbonise by 2050 and is ramping up its renewable energy plans. Industry is not looking to the Abbott Government and may be seeing this anti-environment administration as a temporary blip on the radar.