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Heart to Heart Parenting

By Robin Grille

ISBN: 9780733322983

Heart to Heart Parenting is a book on nurturing your child’s emotional intelligence from conception to school age. For anyone who enjoyed the expansion and wisdom of Parenting For a Peaceful World – this is the developmental sequel. Practical in application, but still with the historical context and psychological understanding that is characteristic of Robin Grille’s creations.

Raising your children can be the most fulfilling thing you ever do. But your children can also challenge you like no one else ever will. To make it through the sleepless nights and toddler tantrums, it is fundamental that you develop an understanding of what makes your child tick.

An empowering book for parents, Heart to Heart parenting is more than just a ‘how to’ book about raising happy and resilient children – it aims to help you create a deep and lasting relationship that is unique to you and your child. Using techniques that are based on connection rather than shaming, manipulation or punishment, Robin Grille introduces you to insightful and practical ways to benefit your child’s emotional wellbeing and development. Available from ABC Shops / Centres, selected bookstores and online at RRP $35.00


to Sacred Chef secrets and recipes.. my collection of recipes and writings, gathered over a lifetime of cooking and teaching. What is the whole Sacred Chef thing? Well, what is more sacred than feeding the hungry and satisfying our body’s need for nourishment? Cooking, for me, is very much about loving, providing a means toward physical fulfillment and good health.

Cooking a beautiful meal for family, friends and loved ones is an act of devotion. What better way to show how much you love someone? I have always said that cooking is the only kind of Art, that really gets inside you. We ingest the goodness, literally. It is a creative act and it is a labour of love.

AVAILABLE at Amazon Kindle $5.33


The River Runs Free – Exploring and Defending Tasmania’s Wilderness

By Geoff Law

ISBN: 9780670072453

Geoff Law first rafted the dangerously beautiful Franklin River on a whim. He was inexperienced and in a leaky raft, the weather was treacherous, and his travelling companion was someone he didn’t know and who hated the place. But that eventful trip drew him into the historic battle to save the Franklin from being dammed. It was a struggle that brought down a federal government, and one whose ecological reverberations, twenty-five years on, are more commanding than ever.

In The River Runs Free Geoff Law gives a lively and witty account of that flagship campaign, weaving it around stories of his wilderness travels. Drawn since childhood to wild places, he is an experienced solo bushwalker, one who can never resist a challenge. He writes powerfully about the connection between humans and landscape, the source of inspiration for his life’s work. Travel with him and you never know what’s coming next – but you’ll arrive exhilarated. RRP $32.95

The Conscious Cook

By Giselle Wilkinson

ISBN: 9781921221385

Giselle Wilkinson has been a social and environmental activist for over thirty years. Influenced by

early experiences of communal living and travel Education, Giselle realised earlier then most that choosing to live consciously is a powerful force for positive change. What better way to live consciously than in the kitchen? Her book takes us on a journey into the breadth of food-associated issues, helps us join the dots connecting the issues and demonstrates the complexity of sustainability and the simplicity of many of the actions involved in achieving it. Containing 50 delicious recipes covering an eclectic mix of ethnicities, ingredients and dishes, The Conscious Cook is completely different from other cookbooks. It looks at food, not only from the point of health and taste, but also through the lens of the global sustainability movement working to reduce our impact on our very stressed planet. The Conscious Cook raises awareness of the interconnections that link human health and wellbeing with that of the health of the planet. RRP $34.95 Order online at

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By Lia Scallon

The Sacred Language and melodies of Sirius channelled here through Lia are a beautiful healing gift for all. The sounds of ‘Starsong’ travel deep within to touch and heal the wounded child.

These sacred harmonics gently stir the soul, unlocking its secrets, reawakening it to recalling its true purpose. ‘The Sounds of Sirius’ are a gift to humanity at this time of great change. They come to assist us with the major shift in consciousness and to reconnect us with our true essence. Comforting, calming and deeply relaxing, ‘Starsong’ is a gentle and joyous celebration of life.

‘Starsong’ & ‘Song Of The Earth’ are companion CD’s, brought through from Spirit together. Although each individual ‘Sounds of Sirius’ recording works on many levels of the being, these two particular CDs, used together, have proven to be profound “Inner Child” therapy. Available at ABC Shops or from Lia RRP $29.95

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Midas Word

Acting from the heart

Sarah Mares and Louise Newman

If you have ever wanted to learn more about the plight of refugee’s in Australian detention then you will really enjoy this book.  It tells stories which are raw, and yet occasionally inspiring.  The people who write these stories are amazing individuals who share their stories with a passion which I found contagious.

The book is broken into a series of short stories which makes it a good book for some light reading without the heaviness which may have come from a long story about refugees.  I learnt a lot about detainees and now feel inspired to do more for them, I now also have a greater understanding about what I can do to help.

Pagaian Cosmology – Glenys Livingstone PhD

Pagaian Cosmology is an invaluable resource for those who are grounding their daily lives in seasonal celebrations.  It is an excellent ‘how-to’ manual with all the seasonal moments explained comprehensively, related specifically to the southern hemisphere and deeply embedded in an eco-spirituality which extends itself out to the far reaches of the cosmos. The ritual scripts are usefully detailed and can be followed exactly or used as a diving board for personal interpretation, while the background stories of each seasonal moment are inspiring with their rich metaphors.  Apart from being an excellent guide to the Seasonal Wheel Of The Year, Pagaian Cosmology is an innovative synthesis of the Goddess Re-Storied in a cosmic and earthly dynamic.  Livingstone continuously celebrates our oneness and this is the book’s timely call – that it is our PaGaian nature that sustains us in these complex times as we remember that we are Her.

Magician’s Way – William Whitecloud

Wizdom Press 0 646 43507 8

A modern parable that takes us on a high stakes journey into a world populated by people who are more than they seem. How do we often learn those lessons most important to us? The hard way of course and Mark Vale, William Whitecloud’s semi- autobiographical fictional protagonist is no exception. Conveying truth through a fictional construct is no easy task in the written world and this is surprisingly well done. The story line is well paced, gripping your attention and building to a climactic conclusion. Become a magician recreating what you really want in your life by embracing these lessons. Transformation is just around the corner in that next vacant parking space right outside your point of destination.

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering – Sarah J Buckley

Sarah Buckley is a GP and a gentle mother. She marries the two with perfect grace and balance and we have a scientifically based instructive, encouraging and spiritual book about childbirth and early parenting. From prenatal testing to co sleeping, Sarah Buckley covers topics, which empower parents to tap into their inherent intuition, unleashing the gentle wisdom of mothers for millennia past.  The book is thoroughly researched, from the unique voice of a gentle motherly medical practitioner. Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering is a valuable addition to the literature available, as it solves the unfortunate preconception that natural parenting and science and all things ‘logical’ are unrelated. Here is a medical doctor who is challenging and rewriting what we presume all doctors think about birthing and nurturing babies. If only we could all have Sarah Buckley at our local medical centre – what a happy, well-nurtured, loving and loved generation of beings we would offer up to the universe. For more information or to order her book, visit site:

CD Reviews in Eco Living Magazine

In Good Hands   – Wonderful Weight Loss

The Golden Matrix

In this supportive subliminal CD, Master Healer Stephen and Jennifer Edwards bring affirmations to assist in the process of safe, healthy Weight Loss into your everyday life. The relaxing, meditative music with bi-urnal frequencies, enhances a healing state of consciousness and allows your mind to accept subliminal suggestions to create the background for your guided journey, which will bring balance and harmony to your Body, Mind and Spirit. This one hour CD holds a 30 minute meditation, which contains audible affirmations on Weight Loss and a further 30 minutes with serene music and subliminal affirmations. Many other life changing affirmation CDs available.

Price: $19.99 Available at

Lullaby for my favourite insomniac.

Ahn Trio

This is my CD of the year to date! The Ahn Trio are three gorgeous looking Korean American sisters, who are classically trained musicians and together create an album of music to die for. On piano, violin and cello you will swoon to their heart felt renditions of some truly great pieces of music. Their version of  Michel Nyman’s “Heart Asks Pleasure First” from movie The Piano is powerful and a delight to hear. Guest vocalists shine on several stand-out tracks like “All I Want” and “Solitary Singer,” but it is the playing of these sublime musicians which places this album amongst the firmament of stars. This is music you can eat to, make love to and meditate upon the depths of your very soul. If you buy one CD this year for yourself or want to give a present with real feeling, make it this one.

DVD Review

The Opus

The Opus is a new movie featuring some of the world’s leading inspirational speakers and authors such as, Jack Canfield, Frank Maguire (cofounder Fed Ex), Bill Bartmann (Forbes Top 400 Wealthiest Americans), Dr John Demartini, Morris “The Miracle Man” Goodman, Marci Smirnoff and Mark Victor Hansen.

The Opus is the story of a young man who pursues his dream in the face of impossible challenges and succeeds – the young man is Vincenzo Vivaldi. Drawing upon the analogy of music and an artist’s greatest performance, the Opus Movie is designed to have viewers recognize we are all composers in the grand scheme of life and have within us legacy to leave behind. The Opus is not a sequel to the Secret, but rather a standalone production that will expand on the concepts explored in The Secret. Inspirational and uplifting. Spring is a time of new creations; be inspired to create your opus! The Opus is available at all good bookstores (rrp $34.95). To watch the movie preview online please go to-


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