We live at a time when we wish to have the greatest wellbeing in the history of humanity. We are alive during a time of unprecedented new approaches to health and healing, when practitioners of pioneering wellbeing modalities are arriving, almost, daily. In this book I have collected my published writing on a variety of healing techniques, nutritional approaches and therapies in an attempt to offer you some insight and understanding into this exciting field.

Of course, some of these healing modalities and sources of wisdom are in fact ancient, dating back, in some instances, to the Babylonian civilisation several millennia ago. There are, however, new adaptations of these timeless truths and they have been incorporated into new modalities. History, to many people, is unknown and so the wisdom proffered here may indeed shine a light on the cause of unhappiness and, even, illness. The aim of this book is to introduce readers to new ways of healing and to increase their sense of wellbeing.

AVAILABLE at AMAZON Kindle $5.33


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