The Grey Wolf


Canis lupus. The Grey Wolf is also called the Common Wolf (Commonwealth? LOL), Arctic Wolf, Timber Wolf, Mexican Wolf (not popular with Donald Trump, but who is), Plains Wolf and Tundra Wolf.

The Grey Wolf is the largest member of the canids and can weigh up to around 60kg. A large skull and teeth (why grandma what big teeth you have) are physiological features of this wolf. Wolves are carnivores and like to eat ungulates, particularly deer. Food is often scarce, however.

Small populations of wolves exist in North America, the Iberian Peninsula, the Apennines in Italy, Norway, Turkey, Alaska and the Antarctic. They prefer open tundra and forest, as their primary habitats.

Typically, wolves live in small groups of around six. Wolves mate for life.

A Great Deal is Still Unknown About Wolves in the Wild

Wolf pups are born effectively blind, as their eyes do not open for two to three weeks. All members of the wolf pack feed the young pups with regurgitated food.

“The wolf in everyday life is hated by the farmer, hunted for sport by men with high tech rifles for the fun of it, and rarely seen by the vast majority of human beings who live in urban settings. The wolf is, quite rightly, secretive, because it is constantly under threat from humanity. Only, animal experts and naturalists, who like to study and film animals in the wild actually get to observe these animals. Conservationists are also usually supporters of wildlife, if they are located in their idea of the correct habitat.” Quoted from

The Wolf Has Been Demonised by Humanity


The Company of Wolves

“One Beast and only one howls in the woods by night.

The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he’s as cunning as he is ferocious, once he’s had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.

At night, the eyes of wolves shine like candle flames, yellowish, reddish, but that is because the pupils of their eyes fatten on darkness and catch the light from your lantern to flash it back to you – red for danger; if a wolf’s eyes reflect only moonlight, then they gleam a cold and unnatural green, a mineral, a piercing colour.”

Angela Carter, The Company of Wolves

Sex & the Wolf

Oh and let’s not forget Little Red Riding Hood! Wolves, werewolves and full moon madness are cultural responses to the animality of our sexuality.


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Sudha Hamilton is the publisher of Eco Living Magazine He loves writing and reading about the things that matter. Working predominantly as natural health writer, he has been published in WellBeing, Conscious Living, and Eco Living Magazines. Having spent many years on a spiritual path, originally in the company of Osho, he has an abiding interest in the human condition. From the micro to the macro he seeks to understand the truth that lies beneath the artifice and constructs, which daily delude us all.

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