Setting Up a Green Business

There are an increasing number of opportunities to set up a ‘green’ business or ‘eco’ business. These businesses are defined by their concern with promoting green issues and the fact that they are being run on ecologically aware principles. An example could be an organic caterer, as this type of business appeals to those people in the market who are seeking a caterer for a wedding, or other event, but who like to eat organically. If you have been paying attention to the rapidly growing shelves devoted to organic produce in your local supermarket you will understand that there is now a substantial market for organics in Australia.

Although, the market for green businesses is much larger and more advanced in the United States, it is also a burgeoning one in Australia. Organic food is in demand and whether you set yourself up as a caterer, or a café, and/or a retail provider this is a niche market on the move. Their customers want clean green food in minimal packaging, which also reflects sustainable practices. Too much packaging choking our waste management processing methods in our cities is a huge problem; more organic food businesses with sound recycling policies can really help in this area.

Another industry, which is converting to green principles, is the beauty industry. There are more and more product lines available within the beauty sphere, which are eco-friendly and organically made. People are not only concerned with what they are putting inside their bodies, but also onto their bodies topically. Women do not want to wear beauty products that are toxic or that have been cruelly tested on animals. Setting up an ecologically aware beauty salon or hair care salon could have a very positive effect on the planet.

Can you get business funding for setting up a green business in Australia? Yes you can, with funding streams having been created for this very purpose by Australian governments. Malcolm Turnbull, our new Prime Minister, has appeared very bullish about supporting new business ideas. Definitely investigate potential opportunities for business loans here and through the private finance market. Business loans are more readily available in the current market than previously considered and it is worth exploring thoroughly all opportunities.

The majority of Australians support a greener economy for the betterment of the planet and for its sustainability; especially in regard for their children and grand children. Setting up a green business is only going to be good for everyone.



About sudhahamilton

Sudha Hamilton is the publisher of Eco Living Magazine He loves writing and reading about the things that matter. Working predominantly as natural health writer, he has been published in WellBeing, Conscious Living, and Eco Living Magazines. Having spent many years on a spiritual path, originally in the company of Osho, he has an abiding interest in the human condition. From the micro to the macro he seeks to understand the truth that lies beneath the artifice and constructs, which daily delude us all.

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